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Diamond Jewellery

With La Vivion's Diamond Jewellery blog, you can learn how to create your own bespoke diamond jewellery in just a few simple steps. We pride ourselves on the brilliant diamonds, settings and rings we create for our customers.

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With La Vivion's Diamond blog, you can learn about a diamond’s key characteristics, the detailed classification system, and what to look for when choosing a diamond.

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Diamond Eternity Rings

With La Vivion's Eternity Rings blog you can discover the perfect diamond eternity rings for your special occasion or engagement. Uncover popular styles, diamond cuts and more with our guides on eternity rings.

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Diamond Wedding Rings

La Vivion's Diamond Wedding Rings blog will open up a whole world of diamond ring choices for him and her. Discover wedding bands to compliment your engagement ring including classic styles, diamond and bespoke collections.

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Diamond Engagement Rings

In La Vivion's Diamond Engagement Rings blog, you can find advice on everything from choosing the correct size band to selecting the perfect diamond and setting your partner will cherish forever.

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Recent Blog Entries
Posted in Diamonds
by La Vivion on 08th September, 2015
The History of Diamonds

Diamonds have quite a history behind them. These precious stones were first discovered in India, 800 BC.   After diamonds had been discovered, their strength and durability were seen as a valuable feature which made the stone useful in more ways than one. They were extensively used a

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His and hers wedding rings
Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings
by La Vivion on 07th September, 2015
The Top 5 Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

You’ve found ‘the one’, and now you have to find perfect engagement ring that she will love forever! The options are endless and the pressure’s on, but by following these top 5 tips for engagement ring shopping you’ll be ready to make the perfect decision!5 Tips You Need To Know When Engagement Ring

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Bespoke diamond engagement ring
Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings
by La Vivion on 31st August, 2015
4 Things You Need To Know About Having An Engagement Ring

Just like with every important piece of jewellery, it’s great to know some helpful tips regarding the care and safety of the most valuable pieces in your jewellery box. Also, if it is you who has recently got engaged. Congratulations! Make sure you take a look at these 4 useful things you should how

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Posted in Diamond Jewellery
by La Vivion on 28th August, 2015
Bespoke Diamond Earrings - What’s Your Perfect Size?

It’s great that you can find so many beautiful styles of diamond earrings in many different shapes and sizes, but it does make finding the perfect bespoke diamond earrings for you a little tricky! It’s all about finding the right pair that compliments your looks as well as your personality. Read the

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Platinum wedding rings
Posted in Diamond Wedding Rings
by La Vivion on 26th August, 2015
How To Choose A Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring is something that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it has to be perfect! Spending a bit of time researching and deciding on what ring suits you is well worth it and leaves you feeling confident that you’ll be happy with your choice forever. If you are after something tradi

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