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Do people spend a month’s salary on an engagement ring?

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 20th June, 2014
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In the 1930’s, an advertising campaign was begun by DeBeers jewellers stating that if you wanted to purchase an engagement ring then it was only acceptable to buy diamond and that you must spend at least a month’s salary on the ring if you wanted to secure a yes.

This advertisement has lasted more than eighty years. Today it is still engrained in many people that an engagement ring needs to be diamond or it’s not an engagement ring. The amount that you need to spend on an engagement ring has however, varied since this advertising campaign.

How Much Do People Spend On An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is going to take a chunk out of your wages, especially since it is now believed a diamond engagement ring is the only choice. A diamond is expensive, varying in price with the clarity you want. Most will spend a large amount of money on an engagement ring because they know that you can’t just have any old ring; it needs to have a big diamond, it needs to have a good carat weight and it will be compared with friend’s rings.

More than eighty years ago at least a month’s salary was spent on an engagement ring but, studies have recently found that over the past couple of years, men have spent less than an average month’s salary. It is no longer stipulated that a man must spend at least a month’s salary and this means that there is now some flexibility in what can be paid for engagement rings. Jewellery stores, including us here at La Vivion, recognise this and advertise a variety of prices and discounts for their engagements rings. There is no longer a fixed price that encourages a person to spend their month’s salary.

People do no longer spend a month’s salary on an engagement ring but it is still understood that a ring will cost you a fair amount. It is now left up to you to decide how much you want to spend on an engagement ring; there is not a lot of hard advertising around telling you how much you must spend anymore.

The amount spent on an engagement ring varies with the person buying it; sometimes you may spend a month’s salary or more and sometimes less. There is no pressure put on you to spend more than you would like to.

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