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Engagement Ring Selfies: A New Craze

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 23rd June, 2014
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There is a new craze to sweep social media. This is the engagement ring selfie, where the left hand with the ring on it is taken a picture of and posted on the social network sites. A vast number of celebrities who get engaged post their engagement rings and selfies on Twitter or Instagram, and this has caused many members of the public to follow suit, though some are going to extremes.

Are Some Women Taking It Too Far?

For some women simply taking a picture of their left hand and engagement rings is not enough; it needs to look its best. This is usually done by finding the right angle and the right lighting but a number of women are taking this even further and opting for hand-lift, cosmetic surgery on the hand. This can involve dermal fillers injected into the back of the hands to diminish that bony or veiny look or even laser surgery.

Critics are blaming social media for the rush to the plastic surgeon, once you see what your hand looks like on the computer or phone, you start to notice things that weren’t there before. Women become self conscious of their hands and want fixes for age spots, veins, sun damage and even visible signs of the bone and muscle structure of the hand. Plastic surgeons say that more people come in for hand-lifts with their engagement selfie in mind and that plastic surgery is on the rise.

Women are spending thousands on treatment they feel that they need for their hands to look their best for the perfect engagement selfie. One woman spent three thousand dollars on a series of six intense pulsed light and chemical-peel treatment and two syringes of an injected gel substance. All because she wanted the perfect engagement selfie.

Many are calling having cosmetic surgery for the hands, all for one engagement selfie, obsessive and that there are far better ways to spend your money. Some say that it is ludicrous spending that much money on cosmetic surgery for your hands when you can easily use a mix of sugar and coconut oil to remove dead, flaky skin.

Despite these critics, many women who have had hand-lifts are happy that they had them done. They feel it is worth it for their hands to look their best in their engagement selfie. They only get engaged once and they feel that it should be perfect in every way, including the engagement selfie.

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