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Six Claw Rings Keep Your Diamond Safe

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by LaVivion on 23rd January, 2014
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It’s the horror story all new brides dread – you’ve just finished doing the dishes and casually glance at your left hand, only to discover that the treasured diamond you thought we securely set in your ring has slipped its bonds and disappeared down the sink. Sadly, this is an all too common scenario and one that can be easily prevented when you consider the design of your diamond engagement ring.

Why Should You Consider Six Claws for Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Claws, or prongs, are the small pieces of wire metal that extend from the main body of your diamond engagement ring, stretch over the diamond’s girdle and hold it securely in place. Generally, they are made from the same metal as the ring band (their strength is another thing you’ll want to consider when you choose the metal for your diamond engagement ring) and will be the only thing holding your diamond in place. As a result, you’ll need to put a lot of thought into whether you’ll want a six claw or four claw diamond engagement ring.

With four claws holding your diamond in place, if you break, pull or snap a claw there is a high chance that your diamond will slip from its setting and be lost for good. This is surprisingly easy to do and can be caused by something as innocuous as catching your diamond engagement ring on a pair of jeans. What’s more, four claws can tend to make your diamond look somewhat ‘boxy’ if it is a brilliant round cut, and take away some of appeal that comes from a round cut diamond.

So What are the Benefits of a Six Claw Diamond Engagement Ring?

All the benefits of a six claw setting can be distilled into five words: they keep your diamond safe. If you should happen to break a prong on a six claw ring, you’ll still have five keeping the diamond safe in place which can give you the time you need to get your diamond engagement ring to the jewellers tomake repairs. You’ll also find that having a six claw setting will prevent that ‘boxiness’ you tend to see with a four claw ring, as six prongs will completely encircle the diamond.

La Vivion Carry A Wide Range of Six Claw Diamond Engagement Rings

Here at La Vivion, we understand that the diamond in your engagement ring is something to be treasured for a life time. Accordingly, we carry a range of diamond engagement rings that feature six claw settings alongside the more common four claw rings to offer you real peace of mind. Visit our website or contact us directly.

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