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The Most Romantic Places To Propose

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by LaVivion on 10th February, 2014
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It doesn’t matter whether you are a royal prince or business magnate, popping the question has to be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you will ever go through. Hoping for a jubilant ‘yes’, you will want to make sure that everything is perfect when you’re planning to propose.

Top 10 Places To Propose

Whilst getting the perfect diamond engagement ring is important, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the location. Assuming you want the proposal to be a resounding yes, here are our top romantic places for you to pop the question.

1. The scene of your first date – This might sound simple and a little boring, but remembering where you first met not only shows your care, but acknowledges the fond memories that reside there.

2. Namibian Coast, Africa – Not only is Africa a beautiful country, but the Namibian coastline is home to the world’s richest marine diamond deposits (one and a half billion carats worth). Propose on the beaches here, and your future is bound to be sparkling.

3. On a Gondola – One of the most romantic cities in Italy, Venice is known for its singing gondolier and romantic gondola rides. Make sure you get your own gondola; otherwise, you might have an audience for when you pull out your diamond engagement ring.

4. Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco - Oozing old-world charm, getting dressed to impress whilst visiting this phenomenal casino, in the world’s richest country, will leave your partner feeling a million bucks.

5. Las Vegas ­– Not for everyone, Las Vegas is flashy, loud and over the top. Visit replicas of Ancient Egypt (Luxor) and Rome (Caesar’s Palace), Camelot (Excalibur), Paris (Paris), Venice (The Venetian), and New York (New York, New York) – all in casino form.

6. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland – This beautiful valley boasts quaint and tranquil landscapes that would put a postcard to shame. With the snow-capped Alps as a backdrop, why not go for a picnic and slip your diamond engagement ring into a glass of bubbly.

7. Queenstown, New Zealand – The perfect location for movie lovers, why not propose at one of the beautiful locations from The Lord of the Rings. With the beautiful canyon in the background, she is guaranteed to say yes.

8. Pont des Arts, France – Avoid the cliché Eiffel Tower and instead go for the infamous Pont des Arts Bridge. Used in a number of films, this is the bridge where Big gets together with Carrie in the final episode of Sex in the City.

9. On top of a mountain – Quiet and with breathtaking views, on top of the mountain is one of the most empowering places to propose. After a long climb to the top, bring out your gorgeous diamond engagement ring and get down on one knee.

10. Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Temple, Cambodia – Totally exotic, take an elephant ride up the steep hill to the 1,100 year old temple and find a quiet spot. As the sun goes down, get down on one knee and pop the question with your stunning diamond ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings For La Vivion

Now that you've found the perfect location to get engaged, it is time to pick your engagement ring. Choose from our gorgeous collection of diamond engagement rings, or create your own using our bespoke ring tool. To enquire about our collection email enquiries@lavivion.com today.

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