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Thinking About Proposing On Valentine's Day?

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 17th February, 2015
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Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year we’re told, so surely it’s the very best day to drop down on one knee and present her with a long-awaited bespoke diamond engagement ring she’s been hoping for. No? We ponder whether a 14th February proposal is as romantic a gesture as it seems, and take a look at some of the most utterly beautiful Valentine’s Day proposals, and some of the bad.

Will You Be Popping The Question On Valentine’s Day?

Some may cringe at the mere suggestion of a Valentine’s Day proposal, whilst others will consider it to be one of the very best days to pop that much anticipated question. Let’s get a little perspective here – it’s definitely not the worst day of the year to ask! If you’re thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day, make sure to read all of this post first!

First Up, The Good

  1. Take her to a beautiful setting – There’s nothing more romantic than a simple, yet well thought out proposal said with heartfelt words in a awe-inspiring place (such as on a gorgeous secluded beach with magnificent views). The small details make a huge difference with this one however – for instance, ask her in the evening when the sun sets, and make sure you have the perfect bespoke diamond engagement ring from La Vivion at the ready! Organise to have rose petals scattered from doorway to living area/bedroom for when you arrive home (or back at your hotel), and make her feel like the luckiest woman on earth.
  2. On a train/boat – There are some boat and train journeys that are known for being wonderfully romantic. They chug or sail their way across continents, departing from historical stations and ports with magical grandeur. Make sure you’re travelling somewhere special (it is Valentine’s Day after all) or coming home from a romantic getaway, and pop the question right there with a bunch of flowers and bespoke diamond engagement ring. You could even organise to have it announced on board if you’re really prepared!

And Now...The Bad

  1. With a flash mob – Oh dear...This may make a great video for entertaining everyone on your social media, but it won’t be every girl’s dream marriage proposal, especially in the middle of a shopping centre or similar!
  2. Drunk – Whether it’s a spontaneous proposal to make up for the non-existent gift she received (don’t do it!), or you were meant to ask earlier but you kept on drinking to pluck up the courage, nobody wants a pathetic, whining drunk asking them for their hand in marriage - keep it together (and stay sober).
  3. On Social Media – Marriage proposals must always be done in person.

The key to every proposal is planning! Think about what you’ll do before and after the proposal as well to make it a truly perfect day.

Choose Your Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring From La Vivion

Hopefully this post helped you to think of some amazing proposal ideas, but to make it all the more special, make sure you have a beautiful bespoke diamond engagement ring from La Vivion to present her with.

Have a question? Contact us today on 0800 046 1340 if you’re in the UK or 1866 805 5010 if you’re in the US. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@lavivion.com.

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