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Timelessly Romantic Ways To Propose

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 11th February, 2015
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Popping the question may only take a second to utter, but creating the perfect proposal – that one singular moment in time that will stay with you forever – is something that takes a lot of careful thought and planning. As a story that will be passed down through family and a rare moment in both of your lives, it’s important to get it right (no pressure!).

4 Classic Proposals That Will Never Get Old

We’re so familiar watching others getting down on one knee in movies, that we can sometimes forget all the other bits that lead up to that one particular moment - the purchasing of a bespoke diamond engagement ring, choosing a place where it will happen, and a time that offers just the right amount of natural light.

How about the bit shortly before the getting-down-on-one-knee (when everything’s a bit of a blur)? And, of course, the precious moment when you look up to see her face light up and you’re confronted with that all-or-nothing answer. To help keep those nerves at bay, we’ve compiled 4 foolproof and timelessly romantic ways to propose below.

  1. Choose a place that’s special to the both of you – whether it’s where you both first met, a restaurant you shared your first kiss or an art gallery where you first said ‘I love you’. Once there, ask someone to take a picture of you both together, before surprising your loved one and dropping down on one knee.
  2. Propose at home – sounds too forgettable, right? Not if you hire musicians to play whilst you pop the question. Make it all the more special by surprising her (again) with the arrival of family and friends to congratulate her. That way you get a jaw-droppingly romantic moment to share together, and are then able to celebrate with both of your closest family and friends.
  3. We’re going on a treasure hunt – Be it their birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, send her a message and a clue that will lead her on a tour (it could be a small hunt around the home or one that has her travelling around the city) that finally leads to you, dropped down on one knee. If it’s outside the home, have different members of friends or family meet her at each place and present her with the new clue and gift or spectacle of some sort to really make it a story to tell!
  4. For the animal lover – If she’s always wanted a kitten or puppy or other cute animal of some sort, make her the happiest woman on earth by surprising her with one and put your crucial bespoke diamond engagement ring inside the collar for her to discover.

Proposal Tips

  • If you’re proposing outside, try your best to pick a day when the weather isn’t gloomy, unless a proposal in the rain is what you’re after!
  • Incorporate flowers – for a beautifully romantic way to propose, don’t forget gorgeous flowers too. Whether you scatter petals all over or place your bespoke diamond engagement ring inside a bouquet and present them to her, don’t skimp on flowers.
  • Hire a professional photographer to capture each and every second of the proposal – from surprise, through to laughter and kisses!
  • Finally, speak from the heart. You can plan anything, but it’s the words you say that make your proposal truly one-of-a-kind.

Perfect It With A Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring From La Vivion

Those who are frequent visitors to our blog may have noticed that we have a similar blog post to this one, entitled ‘The Most Romantic Places To Propose’, but, it’s a new year, and we’ve new ideas! In any case, Places and Ways are two entirely different things – combine the two, together with a bespoke diamond engagement ring from La Vivion, and you’re sure to create the perfect proposal.

To enquire about our beautiful collection of diamond rings, email enquiries@lavivion.com today.

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