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Why Are Diamonds So Popular For Engagement Rings?

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 12th August, 2015
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Buying an engagement ring is such a bold and personal statement that shows someone special how much they mean to you. When it comes time to create your own diamond engagement ring in time for the proposal, you want to moment to be perfect and you want the ring to be sparkly.

There are so many choices for an engagement ring out here, with some companies, like at La Vivion, which give you the chance to create your own diamond engagement ring. Keep reading to see what out experts at La Vivion have to say about why diamond engagement rings are so popular.

Why Choose A Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Diamond engagement rings have been hugely popular for lovers ready to make a commitment since the middle of the 20th century. They have become a universal symbol of lasting love. With its precious nature and glamorous appeal, receiving a diamond engagement ring is a moment that woman have dreamt about for years, and will for generations to come! It’s not hard to see why either, with the stunning variety of diamond engagement ring there are.
  • A diamond will last forever! That is why a diamond engagement ring is so popular, for both its practicality and it symbol of is lasting the test of time! To help you pick the right timeless diamond for you, you should consider the 5C’s. This consists of the caret weight, the cut, the colour, and the overall character of the diamond. Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring can take time and patience, just like finding your partner for life! Getting the best diamond for you doesn’t mean you have to get the biggest.
  • A diamond engagement ring is timeless piece of design that truly will last a lifetime! Its classic appearance is something that appeals such a wide range of people and backgrounds. Even as couples are becoming more modern with every generation, a diamond engagement ring is still the perfect option to show her that you want to take that next step with her.
  • If you are thinking about making the next step and asking her to be yours forever then be sure to have a look what we have to offer at La Vivion. You are able to create your own diamond engagement ring, and really make sure that your loved one feels truly special! We can offer you a truly stunning collection of choices to personalise a ring that is going to be perfect for you to give!

Create Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring With La Vivion

Make proposing really a moment to remember with a bespoke diamond engagement ring from La Vivion. We allow you to create a ring just the way you want it! You can choose the diamond shape, colour, clarity and cut for the engagement ring. At La Vivion we give you the opportunity to create something truly unique for the one you love.

For more information or to talk to our experts at La Vivion then make sure you get in touch! Email us on enquiries@lavivion.com or call on 0800 046 1340!

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