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Would You Wear A Second Hand Engagement Ring?

Posted in Diamond Engagement Rings by La Vivion on 24th June, 2014
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Many want to purchase a diamond engagement ring that has a diamond of good size and clarity but can’t afford it. Second hand engagement rings are a cheaper alternative, but would you wear one?


Is It Bad Luck To Wear Another Person’s Engagement Ring?


The biggest problem that people have when it comes to wearing a second hand diamond engagement ring is they think that it would be bad luck. After all, why would they want to wear a ring that didn’t do well with its last couple? Engagement rings do not have good or bad luck attached to them and in many cases a second hand ring is not being sold on because the last owners broke up but because they have purchased an upgraded ring and thought they would sell the spare.


Many couples say that they would still only buy a second hand ring if it had a story attached to it, like a long happy marriage or was a sentimental family item. Some feel that if the ring is not an heirloom then the diamond engagement ring should be brought specifically for you, so it is unique had no previous owners. Others said that they would wear a used ring if the diamond had been removed and placed in a new setting otherwise it just seemed cheap.


Many would not mind wearing a second hand engagement ring because they feel that there is no such thing as bad luck and a ring that was owned by a couple that broke up does not affect their own marriage. Some like the idea of wearing a used engagement ring because they feel it is stylish to wear vintage and that older diamond-engagement rings are better made than newer rings.


A lot of couples are now considering purchasing second hand diamond engagement rings because they have a limited budget but still want to buy a ring that has a large diamond and a diamond that is of good quality. Many couples feel that it is worth buying a cheaper diamond ring that is second hand so that they have more money to spend on other aspects of their wedding, honeymoon or their marriage, as they feel it’s all about making it work for less.


However, many still feel the need to own an engagement ring that is totally unique and special to them. This is where La Vivion can help you!


Vintage Engagement Rings At La Vivion.


At La Vivion, we have a stunning collection of diamond-engagement rings in both contemporary and vintage styles. Whatever your budget, we can create a beautiful ring for you and your partner to treasure forever. To learn more about our brilliant range of rings and diamonds, please contact us today on 0800 046 1340 if you’re in the UK or 1866 805 5010 if you’re in the US. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@lavivion.com.

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