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History of eternity rings

Posted in Diamond Eternity Rings by La Vivion on 01st July, 2014
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Eternity Rings are given as a symbol of enduring love. The ring has no beginning or end it is meant as a physical representation of unending love and eternal devotion.


Where did the idea of eternity rings first come from?


Archaeologists have uncovered many artefacts as far back as Ancient Egypt that resemble eternity rings. These rings are, obviously, not diamond. They are made from bone, horn, beads and stone.


The idea of the diamond eternity ring first came about through advertising campaigns produced by De Beers jewellers in the 1960s. This advertising campaign was directed at the market that already had engagement and wedding rings. The campaign encouraged you to prove your undying love by giving your partner an eternity ring using slogans such as: ‘she married you for richer or poorer, let her know how it’s going’ and ‘when a man actually remembers an anniversary, he ought to make it unforgettable’.


This advertising campaign still influences modern day buyers of eternity rings. It has become traditional to give your partner a diamond eternity ring on your 60th wedding anniversary, which is also known as your diamond anniversary, though some have dispensed with this tradition and give eternity rings on any chosen anniversary.


Jewellers now offer ‘full eternity’ rings or ‘half eternity rings’ for buyers. A ‘full eternity’ ring is seen as a classic. It has an endless setting of stones around the ring. A ‘half eternity’ ring only has stones set halfway round the band. The ‘half eternity’ ring is not seen though as a cheap compromise to the ‘full eternity’ ring. Rather, it is seen as more practical. It is easily adjusted for size as half the ring band is empty of stones and it is more comfortable to wear than a ‘full eternity’ ring.


This sort of eternity rings are traditionally worn on the left hand on the fourth finger, this is as the fourth finger was believed to hold the vena amoris, ‘vein of love’, which connects to the heart. Although this tradition is not as concrete as the placement of the wedding ring. This is because sometimes the eternity ring does not match the wedding ring and other times it is just more comfortable on another finger; your finger is going to look crowded with your wedding, engagement and eternity rings all on one finger.


Eternity rings are not just a symbol of continual love for those already married. Eternity rings are also a popular choice to celebrate the birth of a child. The eternity ring will be interspersed with the child’s birthstones to give variety and colour.


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