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What's the difference between a promise ring and an eternity ring?

Posted in Diamond Eternity Rings by La Vivion on 20th February, 2014
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The Promise ring and eternity ring both symbolise eternal commitment. An eternity ring is often given as a gift to represent a lifetime commitment and love that has lasted for many years. It often is presented at an anniversary or romantic occasion to celebrate a milestone in a relationship or marriage. A promise ring goes beyond this covering many more areas of dedication; its meaning is less defined and depends on each individual.

What Is A Promise Ring?

Eternity ring in Platinum and Promise ring in 14k white gold by LaVivion

A promise ringis often considered to be a modern addition to ring giving and expressing our commitment when interestingly it is actually an

ancient tradition going back hundreds of years. It was originally a very serious legal symbol to betroth one to marriage; it bounded the two by law. Now it is a promise of commitment and often of love.

What Makes A Promise Ring Different?

What makes a promise ring different is the variety of meanings it can hold. The meaning of the promise itself can also affect its design mea

ning one promise ring can lookcompletely different from another. It can also be worn differently than other commitment rings, depending on the reason behind the ring it may be worn on the right hand, on a different finger or can even change hands.

The meaning of a promise ring differ from person to person which include:

  • A romantic commitment. A promise ring can be given as a token of commitment in a relationship before a proposal or engagement. It is often worn on the ring finger until engagement then is often worn on the right hand.
  • A symbol of friendship. In platonic relationships a promise ringindicates loyalty and trust between friends (this can also be between family members).
  • Individual dedication. A promise ringcan be significant to each person but usually symbolise personal achievement or in memory of something e.g. in memory of a lost loved one.
  • Religious significance. A promise ringcan symbolise a person's dedication to their faith. This can include a vow to purity and/or chastity.
  • Traditional meaning. As promise ringshave been used for thousands of years they are still used to convey traditional values.


How To Recognise A Promise Ring.

Typically, an Eternity Ring has similarities to the original wedding band in terms of design but will have significant changes such as changing the band from gold to platinum. Promise rings can have many different design features depending on each rings meaning and each person’s preference.

Some design choices include:

  • Diamond Ring. If a promise ringhas romantic significance and is used as a pre-engagement ring then there is usually a diamond. It is not unusual for the diamond to contain colour or a rarer cut as well, breaking away from the traditional engagement ring.

Diamond Promise Rings by La Vivion

You may start to design your own Diamond Promise Ring from here.

  • Plain band. White gold or platinum bands are often used if the ring acts as a reminder to a vow or faith. The band is also a popular choice with men.

Matching wedding rings for bride and groom by La Vivion

LA VIVION offers a great selection of matching wedding rings for Him and for Her in Platinum or 14k/18k gold.

  • Engraved: Many decide to engrave their band with a pattern or inscription; this can be on the underside or on top of the ring.

Engraved wedding rings by La Vivion

We offer different ways to personalize your ring such as engraving of initials, monogram or any text and it's FREE of charge!

You may select your wedding ring to be engraved from here or Design Your Own Promise Ring and 

complete your personalization options before checkout.

Much like eternity rings, promise ringscapture our hearts with beautiful elegance and sophistication in their design. Diamond promise rings are becoming a popular choice as the unique cuts and inclusions of a diamond often relate to the individual that is wearing the ring.

At La Vivion we specialise in providing unique and precious diamonds. Use our education guide to get all the knowledge you need on choosing your perfect Promise ring. You can also talk to an expert at enquiries@lavivion.com

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