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When to buy an Eternity Ring?

Posted in Diamond Eternity Rings by La Vivion on 18th February, 2014
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A Diamond Eternity Ring symbolises an eternal commitment to a long and successful marriage or relationship. Along with Engagement rings and Wedding Bands they are used to symbolise our timeless love with a gift that is captured in our hearts forever. Diamond Eternity Ringscelebrate a huge milestone in a relationship.

When Do You Buy A Diamond Eternity Ring?

Reasons to buy a eternity ring:

  • To celebrate an anniversary. Traditionally, when a marriage or relationship reaches a significant anniversary (such as 60th Diamond anniversary) it is honoured with an eternity ring to symbolise a couples’ eternal love.
  • Relationship milestones unique to you and your partner As times move forward attitudes are changing and couples today are choosing to celebrate their love and commitment through their own personal milestones. This can range from the joy of having their first child to overcoming hardships and trying times.
  • To symbolise your eternal commitment With vowel renewals becoming more and more popular, couples will often choose to replace their wedding band with an eternity ring. The eternity ring then represents a stronger relationship re-affirming the vowels once more.
  • To celebrate your love together The joy of a Diamond Eternity Ring is it is something that can be chosen together as a couple. Many couples choose to re-design their original wedding band to an eternity ring possibly changing from gold to platinum, for example.

The joy of an eternity ring is it can be given as a token of commitment and love that is personal to any couple. The ring is as unique and personal as we are.

Why choose a La Vivion Diamond?

A diamond's timeless appeal means that they are still very much a girl’s best friend and at La Vivion we pride ourselves in finding your perfect ring. We understand that a Diamond Eternity Ringis more than just a token of affection it is as unique, rare and stunning as the person who is receiving it and the milestone you have achieved together.

The joy of La Vivion is we offer you the ability to choose your own Diamond Eternity Ringas well as offering our own expertise and advice every step of the way.

Reasons to choose your Diamond Eternity Ringfrom Lavivion.co.uk:

  • Choose through a selection of beautiful cuts of diamonds.
  • Gain an understanding of diamonds through our education guide and links.
  • Learn how to care for your diamond.
  • Browse a stunning collection of bands including white gold and platinum.
  • Purchase online and have your special gift delivered straight to you.
  • Indulge in luxury with a stunning choice of jewellery that perfectly captures your heart.

www.lavivion.com is a leading specialist in “Bespoke Diamond Jewellery and Engagement Rings”. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in luxury diamonds delivering elegance and glamour with every diamond.

Visit the website www.lavivion.com or email enquiries@lavivion.com to speak to a specialist.

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