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A Guide To Buying Your First Pair Of Diamond Earrings

Posted in Diamond Jewellery by La Vivion on 09th February, 2015
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There’s no place on earth where diamonds are considered undesirable. That’s why purchasing your very first piece of diamond jewellery is a moment to remember! But where does one start? How will you know what to look for? Should you go for ready-made or bespoke diamond earrings ? How big? What size, colour and clarity?! There are so many questions you may impatiently be anticipating the answers to, that we’d better get a move on!

Buying One’s First Diamond Jewellery

  1. What form should my first piece of fine diamond jewellery take? Well, let’s see, there are 3 main varieties - diamond encrusted necklaces, earrings and rings. A diamond ring is the ultimate engagement and wedding ring, so perhaps that’s best saved for a later date. That leaves us with diamond earrings and necklaces, both of which are fantastic choices, but diamond earrings are going to give you just the right amount of style for both day and night (jeans or wedding dress), no matter where you’re going!
  2. What matters most? That question often revolves around your preferences. Whilst clarity is important in diamonds, it’s nowhere near as important as size and colour for earrings, since nobody is going to be meticulously scrutinizing them up close as they might with a ring. That being said, many a small ear-lobed woman may not want larger than life studs, so clarity of stone will take a priority.
  3. How big is too big? – Many will chant in unison that bigger is always better, but, perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t always true. Sure it comes down to style, but after a day of wearing 20 carat diamond studs, women with earlobes that are thin or small may think twice about wearing them again. Smaller (but no less beautiful) studs will be gentler on your ears, so much so you’ll barely notice they’re there! If you’re worried that no one else will either, or you have regular to big sized earlobes, go with a larger carat.
  4. Cost – You may be on a limited budget, which makes our earring builder module perfect. Not only can you design your very ownbespoke diamond earrings, but you can also set the minimum and maximum you want to spend so that you don’t overspend. Bespoke diamond earrings really are the way to go. Who else knows your lobes and style like you do after all?!

Be Your Own Jewellery Designer At La Vivion

Get started on designing your own desirable diamond earrings easily with our earring builder module here at La Vivion and make your earrings truly personal to you!

If you have any questions or are not sure where to start, why visit our education section here or call our friendly team today?

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