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Bespoke Diamond Earrings - What’s Your Perfect Size?

Posted in Diamond Jewellery by La Vivion on 28th August, 2015
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It’s great that you can find so many beautiful styles of diamond earrings in many different shapes and sizes, but it does make finding the perfect bespoke diamond earrings for you a little tricky! It’s all about finding the right pair that compliments your looks as well as your personality. Read these useful pointers to help find your perfect pair of diamond studs!

How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings

  • Usage – Before purchasing a pair of diamond earrings, you should think about where they are most likely to be worn. Consider if you will be more likely to wear them as an everyday piece or if you see yourself wearing them just on special occasions. Either way there is a perfect pair of bespoke diamond earrings for you! If you are looking for something more every day, then selecting a diamond size such as 1.5-2 caret studs might be a nice choice. To draw more attention, like on a glamorous occasion, consider sizes of above 1.5-2 carets.
  • Body shape – Another useful tip to think about when deciding on your diamond earrings, is to know which size stud might suit your body type the best. A smaller stud may be flattering to a more petite frame, while larger studs are considered to be a good pick for someone with a much taller body type.

Stud settings – Knowing which stud setting you want for your bespoke diamond earring is just as important as establishing the size of the diamond you want. There are two different types of settings that you can choose from - one being a prong setting and the other a bezel setting:

  1. Bezel – This setting holds the diamond in place with a low and protective profile in the earring stud. This makes is a great option for people with active lifestyles who want extra reassurance when they are out and about!
  1. Prong – This type of setting holds your diamond securely in place with prongs. This setting usually incorporates around three prongs into the ring, but it is not limited to one style. By choosing a pair of bespoke diamond earrings from La Vivion, you will be able to consider a range of prong settings to suit your personality!

Choose the perfect diamond earrings add an elegant staple piece to your jewellery collection! There are no set rules to finding the perfect pair, but by following these tips before you buy you should feel much more confident about investing in some beautiful and timeless earrings.

Stunning Bespoke Diamond Earrings at La Vivion

Visit our website where you can browse the beautiful collection of earrings and other bespoke diamond jewellery! We have industry experts who are here to help you choose your perfect pair. For more information or any questions you may have, contact La Vivion today by emailing enquiries@lavivion.com.

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