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Tips on How To Make Your Diamond Appear Larger

Posted in Diamond Jewellery by La Vivion on 21st July, 2014
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Diamonds come in many different sizes and a small diamond can be just as beautifully crafted and exceptional to behold as a large diamond, having said this, the size of a diamond ring is what we tend to notice first. The diamond’s carat ultimately affects the size of a diamond which is then associated with prestigious quality and exquisite design, but, this can be achieved with a smaller sized diamond meaning anyone can wear a diamond with a breath-taking effect.

How Do You Make A Diamond Ring Appear Larger?

Studies have shown that “a single three-carat diamond ring costs more than triple the price of a trio of one carat rings”* and this is down to the ring’s size. Specialist jewellers have many tips on how to make your diamond ring appear larger, these include:

  • The Clarity of your diamond. A sparkling, glittering diamond ring is much more eye catching than a cloudy diamond and also appears larger. The key to this is to choose a diamond with as few inclusions as possible showcasing a flawless finish.
  • The Shape of your diamond. Elongated shapes tend to look larger than rounder diamonds - consider a pear or oval cut.
  • The setting. How you set your diamond is key to its size. A recommended setting is the Bezel setting; this is a special band of metal that fully surrounds the diamond increasing its size.
  • Choose the right metal. If you choose white gold or platinum as your Bezel setting then the metal will blend with the gemstone perfectly creating the illusion it is larger.
  • Choose clusters. A cluster of diamonds will look like a large single diamond from a distance. Instead of choosing the biggest diamond in your budget consider a cluster to improve the size.

How can we help you choose your diamond.

At La Vivion we offer a wealth of expertise on bespoke diamond jewellery as well as truly stunning and precious collections of gems. We have an education guide for you to use which clearly defines and explains our Clarity grading system allowing you to choose the perfect diamond ring.

Our education guide also takes you through the colour, cut and carat of your diamond as well as further hints and tips of how to make your diamond appear larger. Visit today or contact one of our advisers at enquiries@lavivion.com

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