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Benefits of Platinum vs. White gold

Posted in Diamond Wedding Rings by La Vivion on 26th June, 2014
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In recent times, alternatives to yellow and natural gold rings are gaining prominence. The most popular of these alternatives metal choices for wedding rings is platinum or white gold. Each metal has their own unique properties, but what are their advantages and disadvantages when used for jewellery?


Advantages of Platinum and White Gold wedding rings.


The advantage of purchasing a white gold wedding ring is that it is cheaper than platinum. This is as it is not as heavy as a platinum ring. Platinum is a dense metal so more platinum is needed to create the wedding ring. Even though platinum and white gold is a similar price per gram, because more platinum is used than white gold to make a ring, platinum is the more expensive option. 


This is another advantage to having a white gold ring because white gold is not as dense as platinum so less metal is used to make the ring. This makes a white gold ring lighter than a platinum wedding ring, and therefore more comfortable to wear for some.


Platinum does have its advantages as a wedding ring. It is more durable than white gold. This is because it does not need to be plated with rhodium, which can wear and have to be re-plated.  Platinum is also 95% pure platinum making it one of the purest metals used in the creation of wedding rings.


Disadvantages of Platinum and White Gold wedding rings.


Both types of metal do have their disadvantages when being used as wedding rings. The main disadvantage of purchasing a white gold wedding ring is that it has to be re-plated. This is as white gold’s true colour is a slight yellow colouring. To make it have a silver shine it is plated with rhodium. Rhodium can wear off which means that your silver wedding ring will begin to reveal the natural colouring beneath. This means that the wedding ring has to be re-plated. Some places do offer a lifetime warranty for maintenance of your wedding rings so it is free to have your wedding rings re-plated. However, it does need to be done quite frequently, every twelve to eighteen months.


Platinum wedding rings have their disadvantages as well. As stated above platinum rings can be very expensive and heavy, which can prove uncomfortable for some people. However, most don’t mind the price as they think it is worth it to get an enduring ring that you don’t have to constantly re-plate. Some people also don’t mind the heaviness of platinum either as to them it makes the ring seem more durable and genuine.


Platinum and white gold wedding rings both have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice between purchasing platinum and white-gold rings is ultimately left to the customers’ personal preference.


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