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How To Choose A Wedding Ring

Posted in Platinum wedding rings by La Vivion on 26th August, 2015
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Your wedding ring is something that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it has to be perfect! Spending a bit of time researching and deciding on what ring suits you is well worth it and leaves you feeling confident that you’ll be happy with your choice forever. If you are after something traditional or are looking for a more contemporary design, the perfect wedding ring is out there for you! With the huge variety of wedding rings it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when making your choice, but don’t panic! Instead consider these useful tips to help you with the basics so you can decide on your perfect ring!

Choosing The Right Wedding Ring For You

When starting your search for the ideal ring a great place to start is by making a decision on what metal you would like it to be made from. You have plenty of precious metal options available to you and because they all have various properties you may find some to be more suitable for your lifestyle.

  • Platinum – Platinum wedding rings are a hugely popular choice among modern couples of today. A major benefit for couples choosing platinum is that it is an extremely tough metal and won’t scratch or scuff from everyday wear and tear. So, a wedding ring made from this previous metal will be unspoilt for a lifetime!
  • Yellow Gold – This is great option to consider if you are looking for something more traditional. With completely different properties to platinum wedding rings, it is important to note the various strengths of yellow gold. A 22 caret ring would be usually too soft for everyday wear, so picking an 18, 14 or 9ct gold ring would be would be a better option.
  • White Gold – A complimenting choice for anyone with a platinum engaging ring, white gold is slightly less expensive but still a beautiful pick for your wedding ring. White gold wedding rings are usually plated in rhodium to add to their appearance. Even though you should expect this to wear off over time, you can easily get it re-applied when necessary, making your wedding look brand new again!
  • Rose Gold – This metal has a higher level of copper in the alloy, giving it a warm rosy colour. Although maybe not an obvious pick for a wedding ring, rose gold definitely shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the final decision! The beautiful and unique aesthetic of this metal has seen a rise in the popularity in recent years. A modern alternative to the traditional yellow gold wedding ring, it has all the beauty and allure to be a potential pick for the perfect wedding ring.

Even though it may be a small thing in relation to everything on your big day, your wedding ring is something that you will wear and cherish throughout the rest of your life! Whether you decide your style is for unique rose gold bands or platinum wedding rings, we hope these steps have helped you to make this big decision.

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