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Diamond Origin Certification

Posted in Diamonds by La Vivion on 02nd September, 2013
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Diamonds provide charming beauty beyond compare, but a diamond has to posses many certifications in order to carry value. How can you judge a diamond’s value, and which certifications matter the most?


What Is Diamond Certification?


The diamond certificate, also known as a diamond grading report, diamond quality document or the diamond dossier®, is a detailed report that is written by a team of professional gemmologists. The diamond goes through an evaluation process, then it is measured and scrutinised using a jeweller’s loupe, microscopes and other industry tools.


A complete certificate includes an analysis of the dimensions of the gemstone, its clarity, colour, polish, symmetry and additional characteristics. A large number of round diamonds will have a cut grade report included in the certification.


There are two independent laboratories that carry out the diamond certifications and award each item. These are the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL). They are two of the most respected independent laboratories in the industry, and they have consistent and conservative standards for grading. 


If you are thinking about purchasing a diamond, it is important to review a copy of its diamond certificate. This shows that a professional examination has been carried out on the diamond.




Authentic diamonds are evaluated, analysed and graded by either GIA or AGSL. Gemstones that have gone through the certification process of these laboratories are the ones carrying the most value in the industry. Both the Gemmology Institute of America and the American Gem Society Laboratory take into account similar characteristics of diamonds.


The GIA Diamond Dossier® is a detailed report issued by gemmology experts at GIA and outlines the characteristics of your gemstone. This report is issued for diamonds that weigh less than 1 carat. The dossier describes and reports the following characteristics: laser inscription registry, shape and cutting style, measurement, weight, depth, table, girdle, culet, finish, clarity, colour, fluorescence, and comments.


The AGSL Diamond Quality Document describes the following characteristics of your diamond: shape and style, measurements, cut grade, light performance, proportion factors, finish, polish, symmetry, colour grade, clarity grade, carat weight, comments, proportion diagram, and clarity plot.


The GIA and AGSL certifications prove the authenticity of precious gemstones and are universally accepted in the jewellery and diamond industry.


Here at La Vivion we only sell GIA certified diamonds so you can rest assured they are of the highest quality.


If you would like to find out more about diamond certifications, feel free to email us at enquiries@lavivion.com



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