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How important is diameter when buying loose diamonds?

Posted in Diamond by La Vivion on 03rd July, 2014
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Loose diamonds have been popular for centuries. They were first sold by traders throughout Western Europe in the 13th century, gaining popularity thanks to the work of Venetian stone cutters. By the 17th century it was seen as a sign of immense wealth and prosperity if you owned diamonds.


It is important when purchasing loose diamonds to gather all the information you need about this diamond, most use carat, cut, colour and clarity but it is also useful to know the diameter of the loose diamonds that you want to purchase.


What should you use as a guide when buying loose diamonds?


A large number of people look at caret weight as a primary determinant of price when purchasing loose diamonds. Carat weight, i.e. the weight and size of the diamond, is important to know when purchasing diamonds loose but it is not the only factor you should consider


The diameter of a diamond is a very accurate indication of size rather than weight; this is as a diamond can be heavy but quite small. If you are purchasing a diamond using just carat weight you can be disappointed with the size. The diameter of the diamond is its length, width and depth.


It is important when purchasing loose diamonds to look at diameter, as well as carat size. If you have two diamonds that are the same carat size you can use the diameter to choose between them. The diameter of a diamond is also used to determine the price, along with carat ratings. The diamond with the lowest price per carat is often the diamond with the smallest length and width measurements.


It is advised that when you are purchasing a loose diamond that you use caret weight as a general guide to narrow your search for loose diamonds and then look at the diameter of the stones to decide which diamonds you wish to purchase.


The carat weight and the diameter of the loose diamonds are both important factors when purchasing loose diamonds; one cannot be simply ignored because, although size and weight are different when it comes to purchasing loose diamonds, they have a very strong correlation. If the diameter of the loose diamonds are the same then the ones that have the larger carat rating will be the most expensive.


Diameter is important to consider when buying loose diamonds, as the price per carat is influenced by size, but caret weight as equally important. Both are crucial factors and one cannot be chosen over the other.


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