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The 4 C’s In Detail: Diamond Carat

Posted in Diamonds by La Vivion on 14th August, 2015
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One of the most important factors to consider when buying diamonds is their carats (ct). A carat is used to measure a diamond’s weight. However, in most cases it will not reflect the gemstone size accurately. In order to evaluate its weight it is viewed from the top, as this is how the diamond is used when it is set into a ring, earrings or a pendant.

How can we understand the size of these precious natural gemstones? The carat weight should be considered in combination with other important criteria, such as the distance in millimetres across the top of the stone and its cut grade.


Carats And The Weight Of The Diamond


A carat is a unit of mass which is used to measure the weight of diamonds and other gemstones. However, a carat does not accurately reflect the size of the gemstone, so we suggest considering the carat weight with the top measurements of the stone together with the cut grade. 

The cut grade should be taken into account as it influences how much light or sparkle is returned out of the surface of the diamond. This means that when the stone is finely cut, the sparkle that is reflected out of the stone’s top will make it appear larger. Conversely, a poorly cut diamond may have a lot of its weight ‘hidden’ on the bottom which results in visual size reduction.

Therefore, it is possible to get a diamond which is has a lower carat weight but a higher cut grade, which means that it will look larger in comparison to a diamond that has more weight in carats but is poorly cut. 


How To Choose The Best Diamond Carat?


Diamond carat weight is an important factor if you are looking to have it set in a ring. A lot depends on your personal taste and your overall budget. We suggest reviewing the following guidelines.

If the carat weight is important to you but your budget is strict, choose a well-cut diamond with a little less clarity and an almost colourless s

The prices of these natural gemstones jump at full and half-carat weights. So if you want to get good value for money, opt for diamonds that are a little “underweight”. The smaller size difference will be almost impossible to notice.

  • Another important factor when you are shopping for a ring with a diamond is the finger size. The smaller the fingers are, the larger the stone will appear.
  • Not all ring settings are applicable for diamond carats and shapes.

If you would like more advice about the diamond carat weight or other features of a diamond, contact La Vivion by emailing enquiries@lavivion.com



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