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Designing a Bespoke Diamond Ring

As a ring that she is to wear every single day of her life, designing a bespoke diamond engagement ring that she’ll love is undoubtedly important. Of course, a diamond ring is the ultimate engagement ring choice, offering a timeless elegance like no other stone, but designing it – from diamond shape through to setting style – can be daunting! Not to worry. We’ve put together this expert guide to help.

How To Design A Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

An estimated 73% of women today help their partner choose a ring, but if you are planning a surprise proposal, then you may be unsure of what style she will like. Although it shouldn’t be a deal breaker if your choices aren’t exactly to her taste (we hope), no woman wants to tell her husband-to-be that she doesn’t like her ring. For this reason, it’s worthwhile taking the time to find out what kind of ring style she prefers, and researching the different qualities in diamonds.

When you go onto our ring builder module, you’ll have the ability to choose from 10 truly elegant and desirable diamond shapes - from brilliant round (the most popular diamond shape), a romantic heart shape, a modern princess shape and many more - all cut by specialist diamond cutters. As the heart of the ring and the bit she will notice and show off the most, the shape of the diamond is one of the most important things to decide on when creating your bespoke diamond engagement ring.

In order to decide which shape is the right one for your girlfriend, why not take a look at the style of jewellery she already wears?

Other things to consider are:

  1. The Diamond Cut: Diamonds are graded on their light reflecting qualities from ‘fair’ to ‘excellent’. The better the grading, the more dazzling the diamond will be.
  2. The Diamond Clarity: Most diamonds have small, hardly noticeable blemishes - those that have none are incredibly precious (less than 1 in 5000 jewellery diamonds are rated ‘FL’, which is a rating that indicates a flawless diamond). The better the clarity, the higher the value.
  3. The Diamond Colour: Diamonds come in a variety of colours. Jewellers grade a diamond’s colour by examining the presence or absence of colour in white diamonds. Those with little or no colour are the most desired due to their rare nature, whilst those with a yellow tint will be considered less valuable. Getting the right balance between price and diamond colour will enable you to make the right choice. La Vivion only sell diamonds that are near colourless (J, I, H and J) and colourless (F, E and D) so that no matter which one you choose, it will be ideal for your bespoke diamond engagement ring.
  4. The Diamond Carat: This refers to the weight of the diamond. Although some may think the higher the carat of a diamond the more valuable it is, this isn’t necessarily true when colour, clarity and cut are also taken into consideration.

The majority of women (if not all) will favour an ‘excellent’ diamond cut, which is blemish-free and colourless. Choosing the carat and shape of a diamond is more down to personal preference, so it’s up to you to find out what she likes. If you’re really struggling, why not enlist the help of her best friend?

Of course, every man will want the woman in his life to have the very best diamond, but remember to take into consideration the amount you want to spend. Whilst many women would love a diamond that doesn’t have blemishes, is colourless and has a high grade cut, they may prefer to have a less valuable ring if it means you stay within your budget.

Lastly there are a variety of settings to consider (the bit which will hold the diamond), including ‘prong’, ‘bezel’, ‘semi-bezel’ and more, in platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Like the shape of the diamond, this is all down to aesthetic taste, rather than quality.

It’s Time To Design Your Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

Now that you’re more clued up on what she will like, you might want to head over to our unique ring builder module to begin designing your beautiful diamond ring! If you would like more advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team of expert jewellers today!

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