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Diamond Colour

d7eedd90a880Diamonds are available in a variety of colours, including highly prized pinks, blues and yellows. In a white diamond, a yellow tint can sometimes be present, often lowering the value of the stone. The less colour in a white diamond, the greater its value.

Every diamond is assigned a colour grade by the GIA. Grades range from D (colourless) to Z (light colour). Varying degrees of colour can be found all D to Z diamonds which are considered white. Fancy diamond colours such as pink and blue, are graded on a separate scale.

GIA Diamond Colour Grading Scale

White diamonds are evaluated on a grading scale from D to Z. For the purist, it is best to look for a colourless diamond with a grade of between D and F. It is important to note that D grade diamonds are extremely rare and so will cost significantly more.  

  • D – Absolutely colourless
  • E, F – Colourless – minute traces of colour may be detected by an expert
  • G, H – Near colourless – difficult to detect unless placed next to a purer diamond
  • I, J – Near colourless – slightly detectable warmth of tone
  • K - M – Faint Yellow – noticeable colour
  • N - R – Very Light Yellow – noticeable yellow or brown tint
  • S - Z – Light Colour – very visible colour

What Colour Grade Should You Choose?

Whilst D to F grade diamonds are the most coveted, they are extremely rare. Diamonds between G to J will contain slight traces of colour, which aren’t as easily detected by the naked eye. Ideal for a platinum or white gold setting, they would make the perfect addition to any ring.

A diamonds colour becomes harder to detect once the stone is set. If your diamond is a lower colour grade, it will appear less yellow in a gold setting compared to platinum. Unless diamonds are compared side by side, the vast majority of untrained observers will not notice a distinguished colour difference.

If you have any questions about choosing the perfect diamond colour grade for your jewellery, feel free to contact the experts at La Vivion.  
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