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Diamond Certification

Diamond CertificationDiamond certification lists the characteristics of the precious stone and offers you unbiased information with regards to its features. Professionally examined at a gemstone laboratory, diamonds at La Vivion all have been certified by the Gemmology Institute of America (GIA) and are conflict-free. Find out more about the diamond grading reports here at La Vivion.

GIA Diamond Certification And Grade Reports

The certificate of a diamond is also called a diamond grading report, which is created by a professional team of third party gemmologists. The precious stone is assessed, weighed, measured and analysed with a special jeweller’s loupe, a microscope and other diamond evaluation tools.

A completed grading report will include information about the diamond’s details such as the dimensions, clarity, colour, polish, symmetry and a number of other characteristics. Round cut diamonds will also include a report on their cut grade.

La Vivion Diamonds Are Certified By GIA

Loose diamonds that are available at La Vivion have all been carefully analysed and certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is one of the most respected bodies in the jewellery industry, and its certification is recognised throughout the world. This is mainly due to the methods that the GIA applies in grading, which are consistent and unbiased.

Therefore, diamonds which have a certification by the GIA in the jewellery industry are valued the most. Here at La Vivion you can view the certification on the website before you purchase a diamond. Check the certification of the diamond to make sure that you are purchasing a diamond of the exact quality that you want.

Why Are Diamond Certificates Important?

An independent diamond evaluation is important, because it helps to avoid unscrupulous jewellers who may take advantage of a buyer’s lack of knowledge about these gemstones. What is more, uncertified diamonds may be lighter or heavier, and have a different colour, cut or clarity. Shopping for diamonds without a certificate means that you rely on the integrity of the jeweller and trust the parameters, which may not be accurate.

Shop With Confidence At La Vivion

Our knowledge and experience of working with diamonds allows us to offer you the best diamonds for your bespoke jewellery, wedding and engagement rings. Look no further than La Vivion to provide you with the top quality precious stones, which are conflict free and certified by the Gemmological Institute of America. If you would like to find out more details about a particular diamond, feel free to contact us directly.

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