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The right Metal for Diamond Earrings

There are no earrings that quite match up to a pair of diamond earrings. They add the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit - day or night. Whether they're worn to make an ordinary day feel a little more extraordinary, or are put on to compliment an equally dazzling outfit worn on a special occasion, there's no doubt that a pair of bespoke diamond earrings won't make every wearer feel that little bit happier. Read on for information about the different metals that are ideal for diamond earring studs – and be one step closer to designing the perfect, unique pair!

Which Metal Will You Choose For Your Bespoke Diamond Earrings?

Designing your own bespoke diamond earrings has many advantages, the ultimate advantage being that you can choose specifically what you want, from the diamond shape to the setting and more! Diamonds can be set in a variety of different metals - some precious and some not so much – but here at La Vivion we set our diamonds in only the best, lustrous metals to create beautiful fine jewellery. A diamond deserves a metal that is high quality after all!

We’ve put together this brilliant guide about a range of different metals that are used in diamond earrings to help you during the design process!

Good to know

When choosing a metal for earrings in particular, many find that they’re sensitive to non-precious metals such as stainless steel, sterling silver and other alloys, so selecting a precious metal is also worthwhile for this reason.

  • Platinum – Durable and a beautiful (naturally) white metal, platinum offers the best of both worlds. One of the greatest qualities of platinum is that it won’t fade or discolour with time. It’s one of the most precious metals, with a mixture of 95% pure platinum and only 5% alloys. It would make a perfect choice for those with sensitive ears, as it is a hypoallergenic metal, almost never causing skin reactions - so much so it’s even used for medical purposes too!
  • White Gold - White gold is a fantastic, cheaper alternative to platinum, although it is a less precious metal, its white colour is just as stunning. Unlike platinum however, it will yellow over time, requiring its rhodium plating to be replaced every 1 – 2 years to maintain a lustrous white appearance.
  • Yellow Gold & Rose Gold – Pure gold is very soft – too soft for jewellery – so is combined with other metals to make it more durable and long-lasting. Historically, yellow gold and rose gold have been the most popular metals for engagement bands, and so make a great choice for those who love a traditional, vintage look. Made of a gorgeous alloy of gold and copper, rose gold is a lovely pinkish-red colour (caused by the copper), and is considered by many to be the most romantic metal. Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with metals such as copper and zinc. There is no such thing as ‘pure rose gold’ or ‘pure yellow gold’, but the purest form of both is 18 carat which contains 75% gold and a mixture of other alloys.

La Vivion | Beautiful White Gold, Platinum And More Bespoke Diamond Earring Metals

Creative a distinctive pair of bespoke diamond earrings today at La Vivion using our online builder module. For more information or guidance, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists today on 0800 046 1340 if you’re in the UK or 1866 805 5010 if you’re in the US. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@lavivion.com!

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