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Wedding Ring Guide

WeddingRingGuideA wedding ring is an eternal symbol of love. Here at La Vivion you can choose from a variety of men’s and women’s wedding ring designs. Compared to finding an engagement ring, choosing the perfect wedding band should be simple as all you have to do it select the colour and width you are comfortable with.

What Wedding Ring To Select

There are no strict rules on whether a wedding ring has to match an engagement ring. Some women prefer to select a ring that compliments their engagement ring, whilst others like to mix metals to create and individual look. The same rules apply for men deciding on their wedding band. They do not have to match their band with their partner’s ring, as it is all down to personal preference.

Many couples prefer to have two identical matching wedding rings, whilst others prefer to have two distinctively different bands. The ring will be on your finger for many years to come, so it is important to choose a style that you will love.

Selecting The Perfect Width Wedding Band

Wedding rings come in a variety of widths from 3mm to 6mm. When selecting the width of the ring, you should consider the shape and size of your hand. Wider rings will look better on larger hands where as thinner bands will beautifully compliment slim hands. Depending on the width of your engagement ring, you may want to pick a ring of the same size.

Getting the perfect wedding band also involves finding the perfect fit. Most wedding rings are available in either a traditional or comfort-fit style. Traditional bands have a flat interior with domed exterior whilst comfort-fit bands have a domed interior for more comfortable long term wear.

Feel free to browse our wedding rings at La Vivion and select your ideal bands today.
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